Milk: The New Energy Drink

All my life milk has been the least favorite beverage for me. My parents stubbornly insisted that I drink my milk. I never knew why. For me, it was repulsive and tasted like the tears of dead animals if they did cry. Years passed, and I grew up to be a healthy young man, I look back wondering if it was because all of that milk I was forced to drink.

Turns out that milk has amazing benefits to the body. Who knew? Finally, I found some reasons for why my parents would never allow me to sleep before drinking my milk. For my fellow friends, I sat down with my doctor and pulled out of him some of the benefits and “justifications” to drink milk. This is what he had to say.

Schwarzenegger Drink Milk

Since milk is fat in proteins, it stimulates muscle growth and recovery, especially after an intense workout. Milk is also beneficial in restoring the fluids spent while in the gym, and it prevents soreness.

The Enemy of Spicy Food

Are you a spicy food addict like me? But not crazy about the heartburn sensation you get after consuming too much of it. The good doctor recommended milk. The refreshing drink helps to eliminate the burning sensation by flooding the esophagus and stomach, and forming a protective layer of sweetness.

Milk is the New Chocolate

When my girlfriend was PMing, I used to throw chocolate at her. Not anymore, now I give her milk. Scientific research proves that milk has a relaxing effect on women during the menstrual cycle. It helps to cheer them up, just for a little bit, however.

Your Skeleton Needs It

This is a cliché; my parents and maids used to tell me milk is full of calcium which is the food of my teeth. The doctor confirmed it, and he said it is good for the bones too, just make sure you eat food rich in Vitamin D like tuna, cheese, and egg yolk to activate calcium.

Your Skin Needs It, too!

Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry knows! Milk baths have been notorious for feeding the skin with vitamins and nutrients to keep it soft and delicious. So it was not just to look sexy. Who would have guessed? Health skin and milk are best friends. You do not have to bath in milk though. Drinking two cups every day is enough.

It Makes You Fit

Again, milk beats chocolate. Studies show that women who drink milk are more likely to lose more weight than women who do not. If you are craving a bar of mouthwatering chocolate, try a cup of delicious milk instead. Ideally, during dinner. Body builders take note.

The Natural Red Bull

Finally, milk is nature’s answer to energy drinks. A cup of milk helps refresh the body and flush toxins. It is the natural energy drink. Are you feeling lazy? All you need is milk.

So now when your kids ask you WHY? You know what to say.